Have you ever wanted a website? Do you not have the time to learn how to make one, or is it simply too difficult to do so? Content management systems are a mystery to you, too bloated, or too expensive?

We deliver websites, ready to deploy.

Our websites:

  1. respect your visitor by being easy to navigate, quick to load and light on resources.

  2. use beautiful minimalist designs that are optimised for both big screens and mobile devices.

  3. are static, so can be deployed with minimal hosting services.

  4. are small, to minimise internet bandwidth usage.

  5. are lightly scripted, hence fast.


The base package provides conversion of a Hugo theme of your choice to your professional website of up to five pages. If you have problems choosing, we can give suggestions. The base package also includes 6 months support.

Pricing is as follows:

  1. base package: 25,000 yen

  2. additional page: 5,000 yen

  3. support: 1,000 yen per month, 10,000 per year.

We can also facilitate your communications with Japanese web-hosting services and help you with deploying your website.

About Us

We are a dynamic wife and husband team located in Tokyo. She provides the expertise for web-designs and communication in Japanese. He arranges technical matters and English language support.


Interested? Send us an email for more information:

✉  kinutohana@fastmail.jp

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